Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

whenever I watch a movie, I connect it to a lyric or a piece of art from another artist. I connect it to me, and mine. This movie resonated with me more than I expected. For a long time I’ve struggled with the idea and future of me losing something very important to me whether it be my marbles, sense of smell, sight, or hearing. This movie deals with the actuality of that fear and what happens after. I did not know what to expect when watching and I’m glad i didn’t. This shit right here was a such a tender portrayal of a man who has built his life on one sense of his. His love and livelihood come from his hearing and the movie isn’t about despair or depression, albeit being prevalent in the movie. This movie is about, to me, trust. The trust of ones own self and the love and care that other provide to you while not having a Good Day. 

The lyric that came to me while Ruben was at the park was something from a Lupe song that says some thing like. 

Simple as a Buddhist monk in a temple standing in some heel groove with the abbot, practising stillness

Real Steel til' he realize his realness

Defeat Samsara, achieves nirvana and brilliance

I adored this patient look into the resiliency of someone who cannot accept a future that doesn’t involve his past.

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