12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★★★

I really don't have anything bad to say about this film save for the first few minutes dragging on a wee bit. However once this train builds up speed, it ain't stopping. This is how you create a character drama where each nameless member holds the same amount of power over the life of an 18 yr old kid. I loved how the film felt like it was all real-time as it helped to emphasize the length of the debate. Matching that with some incredible blocking and cinematography and you got yourself a good time.

What I really admired from this movie were it's characters and, as I mentioned before, how they remain nameless. Much like the case in session, the audience isn't given much of a stereotype of each person and are forced to take them as they are and dig into their personalities. Well, you don't really need to dig them out too much as they gladly present them as the heated argument goes on. I paralleled this with Carnage as both had a similar method to their artistry. In Carnage, the characters remain distinct, but really turn into the same variation of each other once the calm discussion turns sour. However in 12 Angry Men, they distinguish themselves further. Characters will use yelling to persuade someone or will manipulate emotions to get their way. Not to mention the script 😘👌🏻 It hits you with some incredibly chilling lines that make you somehow question the capabilities of these men to dictate the verdict.

So I can kinda see why this is so high up on Letterboxd.

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