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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Way back in 2016, there were only two teams we worried about: Team Iron Man and Team Captain America. A document that basically stripped the Avengers of saving the world or universe as they pleased had torn our heroes apart. “Captain America: Civil War” was also the last serious Marvel movie as most of the solo flicks dove into the comedy realm. “Avengers: Infinity War” returns to its hard-action roots with a well-rounded villain most Marvel fans have been waiting…

  • Dirty Computer

    Dirty Computer


    The tagline says it all: It is an emotional picture. Janelle Monae has created an artifact that many who see themselves as outsiders can have to feel more confident in their unique selves. It's a melanin-filled escape from the ordinary from someone who is embraced by the mainstream.

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  • 300: Rise of an Empire

    300: Rise of an Empire


    I hated "300" and I never planned to watch the sequel. However, it was part of a double feature at the local drive-in, so I stuck around for it. That said, it was an improvement over "300" as far there being toned-down racism and sacrilegious imagery being pushed to fluff up the Greeks.

    If it were for Artemesia's attitude and wardrobe, I would have given it only 1/2 star because overall, it's quite a lazy sequel.

  • The Promise

    The Promise


    A long-denied travesty in Turkey’s history gets the silver-screen treatment in the engulfing historic drama “The Promise.” Writer/director Terry George gives a romantic backdrop to the Armenian genocide happening in the 1910s as the Ottoman Empire begins to crumble. With a set of beautiful leads and a fascinating landscape, “The Promise” combines beauty with tragedy while highlighting a dark period.

    Oscar Isaac plays Mikael Boghosian, an Armenian who leaves his fiancée and small village behind to study medicine in Constantinople…