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  • Caravaggio



    anachronism as beautiful, devastating art. voiceover as poetry, diary, scratching in the dark with a quill... film as painting, painting as lots of other things. making paint is loud & sensual, gold lives inside the mouth. light finds its way everywhere, and so does the darkness.

  • Orlando



    I loved so much of this. The materiality of the past. Looking at its opulence through a thick slab of ice that it’s buried beneath. I love its playfulness, the addresses to camera, I love Quentin Crisp as Elizabeth I, the bad poetry, the costumes, the hair, how the makeup changes, and I love the maze. And then the wind, blowing her ever forward.

    What I also want to see: a parallel story that is not about a beautiful young aristocrat who has everything to lose.

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  • Maurice



    A beautiful, lush, sensual masterpiece. Manages to make cricket seem sexy and fun! That's almost all you need to know right there.

    The costumes are so beautiful. And yet you're aware from the start that this society is dangerous, dangerously constraining. You can feel it trying to close around Maurice like a noose... as soon as he leaves Cambridge it's like there's a ticking clock set in motion. And of course everything is tied up in class, as well as…

  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    a beautiful work of art that will last forever