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  • PlayTime



    Beautiful but I do not have the focus for this. Or I kept noticing things too late. But oh, to be in a nightclub, eating disgusting fish and dancing as the building collapses...

  • Dames



    Possibly the most unhinged 1930s film I've seen, and there is competition. The plot about the alcoholic tonic makes zero sense and it made me cackle and groan. Not enough dance numbers, too much Dick Powell singing.

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  • In Fabric

    In Fabric


    Gloriously fun, full of analogue textures that are both sensuous and extremely elusive, ghostly. 

    The anatagonists are dressed like Italian widows and their dialogue is like a corporate retail manual written by Jacques Derrida. 

    The universe of this film is a creepy business dystopia 1980s, where neighbours will inform on you to your boss if you fix your own washing machine. Where people are more fragile, or precariously placed, more disposable than their clothes are.

    There’s also a fair amount…

  • Maurice



    A beautiful, lush, sensual masterpiece. Manages to make cricket seem sexy and fun! That's almost all you need to know right there.

    The costumes are so beautiful. And yet you're aware from the start that this society is dangerous, dangerously constraining. You can feel it trying to close around Maurice like a noose... as soon as he leaves Cambridge it's like there's a ticking clock set in motion. And of course everything is tied up in class, as well as…