Arrival ★★★★★

I managed to catch this movie just before it ended showing and honestly I feel like punching myself because I desperately need to rewatch it now. I have a thing for a movie that whispers. Quiescently grand. And this movie ticked all the boxes.

It started unassumingly but then unravel itself to a bigger, mindbogglingly amazing, astonishing work of art. Villeneuve has a great eye for details. It almost feels like he actually planted his views to the camera, that we are witnessing his universe. I especially love his fascination over 16:9 and how he seems so center-focused. He also loves people's back and side view. Making the whole movie feels like a re-lived experience. Not to mention the soundtrack which is close to eerie yet looming in waves. Haunting.

Throughout the movie, I was in awe of how beautiful the story was. How simple it actually was. How communicative yet mysterious it was. A story so relevant to today's world of action first, talk later. The need of understanding. The different approach of people due to the lack of it. How we could change things by opening up to other methods. It's indescribably beautiful.

Special shout out to Jeremy Renner who acted so good as a partner in crime next to Amy Adams. I couldn't imagine another Ian. He's so perfect for the role. He might not look convincing, close to underwhelming but I think it's one of his strength. He's one of those actors who actually made the actress look like the hero without belittling her competency and capacity. But also stood on par with her as an equal companion. Not many actors can do that so kudos.

Overall, a must see for translators, interpreters, language major students, and every linguaphile. Or people who just want to understand each other. That we are beyond who we are. And probably we are the key to the universe.

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