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This review may contain spoilers.

I always appreciate smaller scale Marvel films and this one is no exception. Fun, likable, full of laughter. Tom Holland just *metal clangs* nailed it. He's perfect as awkward-loser-try to be the cool sophomore but also perfect as Spidey. His struggle on juggling his normal life and secret identity is almost adorable. My heart swells everytime he appears on the screen and speaks with such iconic voice. Surprisingly I really dig Keaton's performance as Vulture. Solid as hell. Marisa Tomei is such a girl crush and Peter's friends are such a feel good pack. Kinda disappointed in RDJ's performance and the story. IMO it almost feels like Tony is trying to trick Peter into doing something wrong and have him give up his suit. But overall the movie is highly enjoyable and quite a throwback to the sophomore year.

"You got heart, kid."
He does.

P. S. How the hell Principal Morita doesn't age at all??? He supposed to be around Peggy's age, right? He looks super young!
P. S. Avengers was 2012 but this movie was set 8 years later??? Like how???
P. S. This is weird but this movie made me miss Cap 😭

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