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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


    My three stars go right to Javier! Depp just napped through this one, which I suppose, is how it's supposed to work. In this one, Bardem is still doing his creepy Anton Chigurh, but this time as a ghost. He must have had a ball interacting with those he haunted on the ships. Bardem just loves crossing deep into everyone's personal space. Right in your face.... way too close for comfort. But that's Bardem. That element worked. The rest, eh,…

  • Stonehearst Asylum

    Stonehearst Asylum


    Sure, it was fun, but... under the covers, just under the surface... no real deeper substance or cohesion. Mostly just a fun theme park ride. Not really much to linger in one's mind after the lights come back up in the auditorium. I always enjoy Benny Kingsley. Caine strictly took a paycheck in this one. The ending 'twist', could have been developed so much more (and that would have given the film the juice it badly needed), but... oh well.…

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  • Always Shine

    Always Shine


    Simply put, what a hypnotic experience. A younger weaker sibling to The Neon Demon. It tranced me effectively as I watched it. And as I neared the end, my hope was, and is, that it was all mwam. That notion is growing on me. The photography, score, and direction washes over you like those beautiful Big Sur waves they kept showing us. I'm still wondering if this was role reversal. Maybe this was an extended session of running sides between…

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    A film unwrapping and engaging the human condition.... a condition shown as: born, grown, manipulated, achieved, torn down, rebuilt, learned, innocence, deceit, ignorance, yearning... and finally relinquished. Whoops, I left out LOVE... through the picture, attempts to find what love can mean... a hope that LOVE can alight and grow roots. Wow, what an epic journey this film is!
    There is no other film I can think of, where I can say each time I've watched it through my life…