My Ordinary Love Story

My Ordinary Love Story ★★★★

The tonal shift halfway through the movie is amazing.

Korean directors used to take risks, like in No Mercy (2010), Save The Green Planet (2003) and Sympathy For Mr Vengeance (2002) where if you stayed till the end you'd get staggeringly earth-shaking payoffs.

Then there were some crazy stuff like The Chaser (2008), I Saw The Devil (2010) and The Yellow Sea (2012) where the whole movie was tension and you'd wonder halfway through how the damn movie would end.

In recent years, I've not seen anything from Korea that has taken my breath away. This movie didn't take my breath away, but it did remind me of the exciting genre-bending Korean gems in the 2000s.

Lead actress Kang Ye-won, who was unbelievably funny in Quick (2011), carried the movie well.