Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

My Scavenger Hunt #65
Prompt #3 - Watch a holiday movie

This is an amazing movie, with great attention to detail at every point in the movie. In the same sense as Back To The Future, a narrative like this requires so much practice and great execution at knowing where and when everything is, which is even pokes fun at in the movie. Phil has to find out how to be humble, and go from an egocentric prick to someone that can actually care. It’s not true love, because that was experienced earlier in the movie. Rita liking him just happens to be a byproduct of him becoming a bette person. I love the use of Sonny & Cher in the alarm clock, as it takes something so upbeat and it becomes the worst sound in the world to Phil. Larry’s character represents Phil’s outward expression, and he starts to become a better person Larry takes more of a liking to him. The power that Phil feels being a weatherman, being able to “control” the weather, definitely adds to his egotism, and the blizzard shatters his reality. It’s a really fun movie to analyze, and there’s a lot to talk about.

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