House ★★★

I usually really like the low-budget and really silly movies, and this was us no exception. I just, was confused the entire time. The editing is my main problem with this movie, as it feels really rushed and ends up slapping together like a quick-cut game show. I like the plot, the character ar interesting, and they put spins on classic horror tropes, most notably a haunted house, but some of the scenes I just had no clue what was going on, and that’s why I had a harder time sitting through. I laughed at a lot of the gags like the piano and Mac’s head, and some of these scenes are just ridiculous. I was yelling at the characters the entire time because of how stupid they are, but they obviously don’t listen. I like how everyone dies according to their interests, which are super unique, Mac from getting the watermelon, Melody from the piano, Gorgeous from her reflection, etc. The transitions have to be the most unique though, cutting and wiping from scene to scene in the weirdest ways possible. I forgive this film for the editing, and I had a confusing but fun time with it.

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