Soul ★★★★★

This was such a cool movie, and feels completely original and unique. It may be a new age for Pixar, but they are still putting out some great work. The animation is crazy cool and unique, jumbling up a lot of different art styles to make every place feel unique. The Jerrys being 2D and Picasso-esque was super cool, and the way Joe and 22 moved differently in the same body was too. The story is a basic Hero’s Journey, but it’s packed with emotion and a lot of existential thinking. A man who’s died to early to experience his purpose has some great impact on people, but it was still weird seeing the afterlife, and imagining what that looks like. The meaning of life, what to do with it and what people are born to do is explored super well in this movie, and there are so many moments in this movie that just i
sit on itself and grow in size, even if it’s just someone playing the trombone. The score, animation and editing all go into making this one of the best experiences I’ve had with a Pixar movie. It definitely gave me a new look on life, at least for the time being.

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