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  • Alien



    Alien is one of those rare perfect films. There is not a single thing I'd change about it. Everything from the gorgeous production design, to creature effects, to Scott's excellent direction, the pacing, I can go on. Everything here works super well. Time also has been incredibly kind to it, aging like a fine wine. The Blu-ray transfer is beautiful, by the way, so if you haven't seen it on that format yet, do it. It's like watching the film…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Is it weird I actually prefer Prometheus? Prometheus was different than anything we've seen before in this franchise. It explored ideas and concepts that were interesting, and while many were disappointed by the lack of answers, I found it refreshing. Or, at least now I do. I used to think it was a disappointment. And that's actually how I'm feeling currently about Alien: Covenant. So if it follows the same path as Prometheus, I might grow to like this more…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    La La Land is a magical experience, to put it simply. It's uplifting yet sad at times, but with an ending that sends your emotions soaring. Like some people say, I laughed, I cried. I felt incredibly connected to the characters, and I really wanted to see them succeed both as a couple and to achieve their dreams. You'll have to watch the movie to see if they succeed. Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone give great performances, excelling at…

  • Spotlight



    Wow. What a powerful and riveting piece of filmmaking this is. Spotlight has a powerhouse ensemble cast, and had the chance of becoming an acting showcase, but instead, the performances are there to enhance the film's story. This is very much a plot driven film, and while not my favorite approach, I was very much invested in the plot. But I don't want to diminish the acting, because everyone does an excellent job. The stand out is the award worthy…