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  • Elvis



    A wildly undisciplined whirlwind tour of Elvis Presley’s career, ELVIS is the ultimate showstopper. In The King of Rock & Roll, Luhrmann has found the perfect subject matter for his madcap style, powering through a bloated runtime on pure momentum. Hanks’s Mephistophelian turn is a riot. Austin Butler is a goddamn supernova, channeling Presley’s very spirit as he struts and frets his hour on the screen. Yes it’s too early to talk Oscar, but AMPAS better remember his name. This is one of the most legendary star-making moments in all cinema.

  • Official Competition

    Official Competition


    OH to have watched this with a crowd when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival! It's not saying anything particularly new or interesting, but its scalpel-sharp satire is so deliciously nasty that that absolutely does not matter in the slightest. Cruz and Banderas are having a grand old time skewering the gigantic egos of moviemaking, and the filmmaking even has some fun with its style, particularly the sound work. I will never be over Cruz's wig, nor THAT scene.

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    It's so rare that we get a real, honest-to-god, so-bad-it's-good disasterpiece of a film from a major director distributed by a major studio, and just a year and a half after Universal unleashed Tom Hooper's Cats on the world, they're back at it with M. Night Shyamalan's latest. OLD is such a colossal failure on even the most basic levels of filmmaking that it truly boggles the mind that any of this footage even made it past the dailies. The…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    I really liked David Gordon Green’s Halloween, but this sequel left me incredibly frustrated. The best part of the last - the exploration of survivor’s guilt through the character of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode - is sidelined in favor of an asinine exploration of mob mentality that is badly straining for social relevance. The characters are beyond idiotic, which is par for the course with slashers, but the ways in which they are idiotic here strains credulity past the…