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  • The Cure

    The Cure


    One of my favorite movies. I saw it first as a kid. Very underrated movie that I wish was better known. Has a touching story and great performances by Brad Renfro and Joseph Mazzello. I would consider Brad Renfro's performance in The Cure to be his best (tied with his performance in Bully). Really recommend it.

  • Kids



    I hadn't seen this movie in ten years, so I thought I'd check it out again to see what I thought of it now. The first time I watched it, I probably thought it was one of the best movies I'd ever seen, because I hadn't seen many independent films at the time. I still think it's a great movie, although one that I couldn't see myself watching too often. I was really impressed by the writing by Harmony Korine…

  • Weekend



    Awesome, very underrated movie. Great script and wonderful acting by Tom Cullen and Chris New. It reminded me a lot of Before Sunrise (one of my favorite movies).

  • Withnail & I

    Withnail & I


    Love this movie :) Great writing. Wonderful performances, especially by Richard E. Grant, whose performance I think was worthy of an Oscar nomination. Also very funny. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

  • Shakespeare in Love

    Shakespeare in Love


    Shakespeare In Love is a fictionalized version of how William Shakespeare was inspired to write the play Romeo & Juliet. Good movie with enjoyable performances by Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Judi Dench. I don't think it deserved Best Picture, though.