Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

Full of energy and with filled to the brim with confidence, Sam Raimi step his game up with his follow up to The Evil Dead. It's so technically brilliant, gory, surreal, disturbing and over-the-top hilarious, that it's almost unbelievable he made both films.

The Evil Dead is an OK film, with some nice trickery up it's sleeve and creepy atmosphere, but it suffers from both the budget and that Raimi' takes himself a bit too serious (he's obviously trying to locate his voice, experimenting), which makes the acting and the overall tone come of as a bit too weird and unbalanced. Evil Dead II however just makes everything that didn't work in The Evil Dead work. And everything that worked, works now even better. It's easy as that.

One of my favourite was the one long, and indeed very complex unbroken point-of-view shot, were the force of evil roars through the woods, flattens everything down, crashes through the cabin door, chasing Ash, and roars through room after room with invincible savagery, trying to get our beloved hero.

I can't wait to see Army Darkness.

PS. It's a shame that the art of stop-motion is slowly dying away from normal live-action films. It looks fantastic, even today with all the mumbo-jumbo technology.

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