I Killed My Mother ★★★★

I so understand how this kid feel! Damn, I was freaking pissed throughout the film.


I'm not an art student, I'm not gay, I don't live (nor have I ever lived) with my single mum, I don't hate her, I've never been sent to boarding school and I've never crashed at my teachers apartment. Yet, "I Killed My Mother" is one of those films that I could relate to almost anything that was thrown at me. The characters are just so incredibly real and perfectly fleshed out, you can't help but understand them.

I believe that anyone that has been a teenager once felt like this, well, at least some mild version, and we most definitely know how tough it is to be treated like a kid when we feel we've become adults. Thanks to some really great, explosive acting from the leads, you're absolutely drawn into the drama, and at times, I sure felt like bashing in the skull of Hubert's mother. What a fucking twat. Yet, we get to understand her. It's hard being a single mother that probably was never born to be a mother in the first place...

The fact that Xavier Dolan made this at the age of 19, is just beyond me. Of course some of the visuals go a little over board (the scene with the wedding dress), but mostly I felt that everything was real, fresh and exciting. And most of all, it always served a purpose.

I had a blast with "I Killed My Mother", and I can't wait to check out the rest his filmography.

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