Silent Running ★½

Why on Earth does Mark Kermode consider this a classic?! And why does he love this more than 2001: A Space Odyssey? I really don't understand how anyone can like this at all... Technically, it's a pretty weak film, except for the visual effect who is decent. After all, it is the great Trumbull (2001 and Blade Runner) who's in charge of all of this.

Sadly though, he ain't much of a director. Some scenes are so awful and cringeworthy I bursted out laughing. Especially the scenes with music where we could hear Joan Baez' terrible voice.

The story had potential, I'll admit that, and that was one of the reasons behind me finally wathcing this. Kermode rating it over Kubrick's space classic being the other one. I mean, it was hard to not expect something more... eehm... good. Because this was terrible! The acting was all over the place, the dialogues are carried out in a way that the actors clearly had no belief in the script and the written words they were saying.

"Look on the wall behind you. Look at that little girl's face. I know you've seen it. But you know what she's never going to be able to see? She's never going to be able to see the simple wonder of a leaf in her hand. Because theres not going to be any trees. Now you think about that."

I mean, it's so corny you would think it was written like a joke...

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