Fracture is, hands down, the best movie to come out in 2007. In this masterpiece of storytelling, a young Ryan Gosling goes head to head with Anthony Hopkins in a battle of wits.

Yeah, that’s right. Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. If you haven’t seen this film, you are missing out.

In this film Gosling plays a head strong, cocky, public defendant with a half-baked Southern accent and a lot of ambition. Contrasting this, Hopkins plays the methodical, intelligent, criminal mastermind he is so well known for, though his slight Scottish/Irish accent is touch and go, depending on the scene.

Unlike other mystery films, Fracture doesn’t try to misdirect you. It puts all the cards on the table and gives you the same information it gives Willy Beachum, the lawyer played by Gosling. Quick witted viewers are given the chance to solve the puzzle while suspensefully watching to see if Beachum can make the connections in time. It’s an engaging ride.

Fracture is a character driven drama, free from spectacle, the movie focuses on people. We watch clashing personalities in relatable situations. We watch struggles between conflicting desires, between people, and internally. This is one reason the film holds up so well, even after 10 years.

The cinematography is solid, the soundtrack is unobtrusive in the background. This film is highly recommended and extremely underrated. This is the third time I’ve seen it since it’s debut on DVD 10 years ago and it’s delighted me every time I’ve seen it.

Do yourself a favor and go watch (or rewatch) this film today.

Review by Phil Wels

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