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Andrey Tarkovskiy

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  • The Idiot

    The Idiot

    Idiot is a wonderful film. Setting the film a t the present time and o n h is own national soil makes a very interesting film version. It's o n quite a different principle, a n d actually very exciting. Ima- gine making Electra in a modern setting.

  • Red Desert

    Red Desert

    The Red Desert is the worst of his films after The Cry [II Grido].The colour is pretentious, quite unlike Antonioni usually, and th e edit- ing is subservient to the idea ofcolour. It could have been a superb film, tremendously powerful, i f only i t had been i n black-and-white. If The Red Desert had been i n black-and-white, Antonioni wouldn't have got high on pictorial aesthetics, he wouldn't have been so concerned with the pictorial side o f…

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  • La Luna

    La Luna

    Saw Bertolucci's La luna. Monstrous, cheap, vulgar rubbish.

  • Possession


    Saw an unspeakably revolting film called Possession. An American mixture of horror film, satanism, violence, thriller and anything else you like t o name. Monstrous. Money, money, money. . . Nothing real, nothing true. No beauty, no truth, no sincerity, nothing. All that matters is to make a profit. . . It's impossible to watch . .. Anything is possible, anything is allowed, provided that 'anything' can be sold.
    Last night I had nightmares. I was so frightened I woke up.