Red Desert

The Red Desert is the worst of his films after The Cry [II Grido].The colour is pretentious, quite unlike Antonioni usually, and th e edit- ing is subservient to the idea ofcolour. It could have been a superb film, tremendously powerful, i f only i t had been i n black-and-white. If The Red Desert had been i n black-and-white, Antonioni wouldn't have got high on pictorial aesthetics, he wouldn't have been so concerned with the pictorial side o f the film, h e wouldn't have shot those beautiful landscapes, or Monica Vitti's red hair against the mists. H e would have been concentrating o n t h e action instead o f making pretty pictures. I n my view the colour has killed the feeling of truth. I f you compare The Red Desert with The Night [La Notte] or The Eclipse[L'Eclisse] it's obvious how much less good it is.