Mank ★★★½

David Fincher is back!



Fincher is one of the most famous directors of our generation and he gave us incredible movies such as Fight Club, Se7en or Gone Girl. When I first heard about Mank, I was really happy because he had finally came back after 6 years.

Mank talks about the life of Herman J. Mankiewicz (1897-1953), who wrote one of the most important and revolutionary movies ever, Citizen Kane. Mankiewicz fought with Orson Welles, who directed and starred Citizen Kane, for the rights of his own script, because Welles didn't really want to credit his amazing work, because of a contract that Mank signed.

Mank is not that bad, but it's not one of Fincher's best movies. It's a bit slower than usual and even boring sometimes, especially in the middle of the film, and it's really different from his other works, which is not a bad thing!
I expected a totally different movie, to be honest, I expected a movie entirely built on how Citizen Kane was born, but Fincher decided to tell us the entire story of Mank, and I wasn't totally disappointed, but some storylines were quite useless and I couldn't care less about them and I'd rather see more of the fight between Mank and Welles.

And now, we should talk about all the good things that this movie has. First of all, it's really well written, the dialogues are amazing, and it's really well directed, I loved the cinematography and the costumes. Gary Oldman is amazing in this role, and Amanda Seyfried too. I found really interesting the fact that many characters from Citizen Kane are inspired by real people and I loved the speech made by Mank at the dinner table, in which, Gary Oldman's acting skills are at their finest.

I quite enjoyed this movie, but, I was expecting something more, especially from Fincher, and, as I said, it's not one of the best Fincher's best movies in my opinion. Maybe I need to rewatch it.

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