Bergman Island

Bergman Island ★★★★★

This is like, cinema of unnamable emotions, which is probably why I am struggling here! In a good way!! The best way.

I love watching Vicky Krieps do things so much. I love this score, I love a windy. island. I love Mia Wasikowska and film-within-a-films, and love just sobbing to a dance scene because of something really difficult to express!!

And what Mia Hansen-Løve has done, the magic of this movie, is just gather all these amorphous, tender, contemplative, hazy, deep things you may have felt before or might feel someday, and place them in the bright, wind-bleached sunlight or a rich midnight blue and say, Yes, we live these things, we nerds with our hearts.

(Once again I want to get at this meta-narrative ending with a pair of scissors juuust a little bit, because it is *almost* perfect, but also that hovering might be the point!)

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