Dune ★★★½

Great sounds, beautiful sounds.

I mean this looks grand and stark as absolute fuck. Mostly—cannot tell you how frowny I was when Denis wouldn’t light Timmy Chalamet’s strange exquisite little face as he gazed upon the face of Worm. Was that in deference to like, dusk realism? You’re in space!! [pointing] Worm!!!

There were certainly a few moments of this that really captured my attention, none of which I am going to elaborate on here because they are all uh, weird, they’ll make me sound weird, even despite this movie giving off an overall impression of very committed solemnity (which I love! love Drama). It’s kind of amazing that some scenes and dialogue that were practically identical to the David Lynch Dune and hysterical there, here no one in my audience laughed at even a little bit, toooo grave. I mean I did, but I decorously kept it to a silent shudder.

Perhaps my boldest conclusion on Neue Dune, and I really mean this truly, oddly I think this would have helped me lock in to the pacing more, is that they should have just gone wholly for the reference and done the whole story as one big four hour Space Lawrence of Arabia mega-epic, overture and intermission and all (and maybe also with at least one Omar Sharif of their own. I am simply asking: what happened here!)

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