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  • Alien
  • Parasite
  • Summer Wars
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  • Judas and the Black Messiah

  • The Matrix Reloaded

  • The Matrix

  • Jungle Cruise

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  • Sicario



    "Nothing will make sense to your American ears. But in the end, you will understand."

    Set in the hauntingly forsaken desert towns around the U.S.-Mexico border, Sicario is reminiscent of the rattlesnakes that populate that area. It waits for the night to settle then slowly unravels itself, changing from an intriguing mass of incoherent patterns into the full fledged terror it is, all to the tune of a steady, terrifying sound. You can only sit back and wait in dreadful anticipation as it rears back to strike.

    Then it does.

  • Spectre


    "You're a kite dancing in a hurricane."

    This ominous quote from the slithering Mr. White, who's somehow managed to survive three of these films in a villainous capacity, to Mr. Bond quite accurately and probably unintentionally how I felt watching this latest 007 movie. Before you enter the storm, you get a sense of dread and anticipation but once you're actually in the thick of it, you're simply overwhelmed by the twisting and turning and general chaos that transpires.


Recent reviews

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah

    This is the sort of history that you shouldn't have to learn about through a movie. Judas and the Black Messiah is an infuriating look back at history, back at a story that has been all but erased. It's a searing experience that captures both the joy and power of the Black Panthers striving to create a better community for their people and the insidiousness of the surrounding forces that seek to keep it exactly where it is. Lately, I've…

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise

    Surprisingly quite good! I wasn't expecting this to be this much fun. The obvious comparison here is to Pirates of the Caribbean. The heavy CGI here can't compete with the incredible textures and aesthetics of Pirates, but it captures the same wild sense of adventure that made the first few films of that franchise so memorable. Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt make for an unexpectedly entertaining duo. Jack Whitehall is very funny as the posh brother. They are all dropped…

Popular reviews

  • Blackfish



    Fucking humans

  • Black Swan

    Black Swan


    "The only person standing in your way is you." - Thomas Leroy

    A dark, intense psychological thriller that's occasionally scary (and kinky), Black Swan is basically the definition of disturbing. Here we have a lovely ballet dancer who wins the role of the White and Black Swans in a production of Swan Lake. Which would be all fine and dandy if aforementioned dancer didn't have some serious psychological issues. I had a harder time telling what was real or not…