2019 Film Week #2
Saturday, October 19th, 12:00 pm, AMC River East 21

Parasite is a rich and unnerving film, a wickedly entertaining dive into a fascinating little ecosystem that forms between two wonderfully specific, yet timeless families. This particular pond is populated with all manner of curious beings. Some live comfortably at the top, like the Park family, with more than enough time and resources on their hands to engage in such activities as art therapy and impromptu birthday soirees. Others are bottom feeders, like the Kim family, crawl through the muck, scraping for what little they can get to stay alive, whether that is the pittance they earn from folding pizza boxes or the few bars of Wi-Fi they can mooch from a neighbor. By ways of an act of kindness, paired with a rock of particular significance, the latter family becomes entwined with the former, gradually entrenching themselves in the Park’s beautiful, state-of-the-art house through a thoroughly entertaining series of comedic schemes that make you laugh out loud. Until it doesn’t.

Once things start falling apart, the movie becomes very adept at juggling the different agendas and motivations of its chosen cast of characters. Parasite explores how those differences (especially when those differences are probably really similarities) put a chokehold on the ecosystem as a whole. Things do change, but not really and also not really for the better.

(I spent far too much time writing this nub of a review. I need to get better about getting my thoughts out as they are, not as I want them to look.)

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