Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 ★★★★

The second film in the Scorpion Series. This one is set differently but still works as a keen 1970’s revenge movie. Our Heroine Matsu/Scorpion is chained up in the dark, she have been there a year since the end of the last movie. Guards appear to tell her she is being trotted out for a day because a bigwig is coming to visit the prison. The Warden is leaving the prison to be promoted, but is determined to drive her mad before he leaves as revenge for his eye being ruined. He orders her hosed off, and we are treated to a long long long scene of Matsu being blasted by a fire hose. The Inspector shows up for the prisoners lined up to greet him. Everything is going fine until Matsu is brought out. The other prisoners are shocked to see her, some have been there for months without ever seeing the woman they hear so much about. Matsu is still weak from being bound. The Inspector goes over to see her with the Warden, and Matsu tries to stab the Warden in his good eye, but misses. She does manage to accomplish forcing the Inspector to pee his pants, to the amusement of the other prisoners. Amusement quickly turns to a full blown riot, but it is quickly quelled, with the prisoners on digging duty and Matsu is tied to a tree, and the Warden orders four guards to rape Matsu, while the other prisoners have to watch.