TarsTarkas has written 2 reviews for films during 2017.

  • Three Giant Men

    Three Giant Men


    3 Dev Adam brings us El Santo and Captain America teaming up against the evil Spider-Man. You know that means it's a Turkish unauthorized film back when you could get away with stuff like this and not get your pants sued off! Spider-Man has ridiculous eyebrows and tortures people, but our heroes are up to the task of beating the crap out of him. Filled with lots of serial-inspired fights, 3 Dev Adam is lots of cool action and lots of cool weirdness, making it a winner for anyone who likes fun!


  • .com for Murder

    .com for Murder

    A nude hacker from the internet can only mean MURDER!! Also that the movie is probably bad, and since it's from Nico Mastorakis, it is! Huey Lewis bumbles around, but doesn't sing, and the lesson we all learn is never go on the internet!