Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

This is a dark, broody, tragic movie, and I kind of love it for how much time it spends just wallowing in misery instead of cutting to the action. It's absolutely a fantastically self-indulgent film, with the filmmakers unquestionably assuming that the audience has a nigh-infinite hunger for scenes of these characters interacting with their own frustrations, with each others' recalcitrance to accept or express emotions, and with their own pasts. Narratively, it's kind of a mess, with a whole bunch of plotlines smooshed together in ways that have no natural build or flow. But man, is there a lot of fan candy, in the form of callbacks and references and echoes, and man, would I like to be in the theater on opening day, to hear how the hardest-core of the hardcore are going to howl in shock and triumph at some of the things that happen in this movie.

Here's my spoiler-free, no-plot-details review for The Verge. Something more in-depth coming later on.