Ravenous ★★★

In a lot of ways, this is a standard indie horror zombie film. But it had a bunch of interesting touches, including making a parrot eerie and frightening, and including a sequence scored basically to frightened yet rhythmic, musical breathing. It's an intense sequence, all the more so for the feeling that the film itself is panting with terror.

But mostly, for me, the innovation here was zombies that not only are not dead, and are clearly infected people, but that actually express pain when hurt. They scream. And it's terrifying, because the fantasy of zombie stories is basically "everyone else stops being a person, and life gets simple, and I can kill whoever gets in my way and take whatever I want." This film upends that by making it clear that the zombies are still essentially feeling beings, if not thinking ones. It's a little change, but it's profoundly creepy.