Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

I suspect I'm destined to be on the high-score end of the critical pile-on for this messy, gleefully crazy movie, and I can live with that. I didn't love it — the editing and storytelling are so incoherent, and it's laughable how rapidly characters are introduced and discarded, or underused, or whipped from one character extreme to another. But I really enjoyed some of the relationships, especially — surprisingly — the Joker/Harley relationship, which seems completely devoted, and not one-sided and pathetic as it so often is in the comics and animated series. The standard-issue end-of-the-world McGuffin business is silly and rote, but I think that's entirely deliberate and meant to be subversive, even funny. I just wish writer-director David Ayer had more of a consistent idea of who these characters are meant to be, because it would make it marginally meaningful when they change from that to something else, which they all do very rapidly and erratically throughout this film.

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