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  • The Lawnmower Man

    The Lawnmower Man


    The Fantastic Tales of Super Retard

  • 99 Homes

    99 Homes


    I make 30k a year and I hate showers

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  • The Weather Man

    The Weather Man


    Was worth watching to hear Michael Caine talk about camel toes in a shitty American accent and to see Nick Cage get pelted with fast food.

  • The Room

    The Room


    Where do I go from here? Every movie I watch since then is shit. Everything I eat is bland and flavorless. The sun no longer shines. I haven't fed my cats in days. I'm not even sure if I ever had cats. My pubic hair is falling out. Everything I do isn't Tommy. Tommy is everything. Where do I go from here? It's tearing me apart.