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  • The Red Detachment of Women
  • Talking About Trees
  • Desert Hearts
  • Before We Vanish

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  • Moloch

  • Butterfly Kisses

  • Street Without End

  • One Spring Night

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  • Malignant


    james wan only bad to miserable people i'm having a ball in this bitch!

  • Old


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    loved going into this not knowing a thing bc it's such a strange and beautiful picture, so heartful and moving without being cloying or emotionally exploitative, letting the characters react to this new rule of reality and interact with one another—all the confusion, dread, eventual surrender, hope, fear of death and will to survive becoming one and the same—while the cosmic horror stays in the backdrop. the level of visual language mastery in this, the withholding of information to build…

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  • Two Blue Stripes

    Two Blue Stripes

    a bit squeamish about how abortion gets removed out of the way by describing it as a killing of a baby and not what it actually is: a removal of a ball of cells! it makes sense that dara doesn’t know that bc [gestures to the whole country], but her statement goes unchallenged & i feel like there’s got to be a better emotional appeal to justify dara’s decision to keep the baby (a decision that, by the film’s logic, will…

  • Kuldesak



    a loving gay couple kissing in public? a woman being unashamed of her desire? Sophia Latjuba channeling Mia Wallace? Bianca Adinegoro’s dark purple lipstick and red stone ring and block heels? exploration of the ways the layers of your identity (class, gender, sexual orientation, etc) shape your version of loneliness? amazing