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  • Catch the Fair One

    Catch the Fair One


    Spoiler alert, Lisa Emery ( aka Darlene Snell ) shows up for about two minutes to blow a golf ball sized hole in someone's head with a shotgun. Decent revenge type thriller. Some entertaining action sequences including a scene where the protagonist tortures a man in front of his wife and small child. Waterboarding anyone? Worth checking out once.

  • Beautiful Girls

    Beautiful Girls

    I saw this when it came out in the theater, I don't remember it at all, I was probably high.

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  • The Guilty

    The Guilty

    End of Watch, Administrative Leave

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    Rewatching this for the first time since it was released a few things come to mind. Sasha Lane is a gem, I wish that she were in more projects. Riley Keough is mesmerizing in any role that she plays. The more films that I see featuring Shai Leboeuf, particularly these days, I'm convinced that he's really not acting, simply displaying different facets of his awful character. Great flick 8/10