BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

Powerful. It is a true story that I, personally, had never heard of. It is a true story set in the 70s but that ends with real footage of 2017. It is a true story that shows how disgusting white people can be. It is a true story that will make you ears bleed, your hands twitch aching to punch those racist homophobic xenophobic sexist (and others) pieces of shit, your eyes cry and your heart aching to see innocent people trying to gain equality in a very racist country.

And if the movie wasn’t powerful enough, you are left, yet again, astounding by the last footages that show that no, this didn’t just happen in the 70s. You see the actual President of the most powerful country not calling those pieces of shit what they are but calling them “fine people”. You see David Duke quoting said President in his speech. And this just says this shit is still happening now. 

Of course most of us are aware of how racist the world, not just America, is but the movie editing is perfect to enlighten how much you still need to fight for equality. First you see a win, then there is a disappointing yet not so surprising step back, then you feel some joy from that oh so sweet revenge and then there are the footages from our time. You realise that this win in the 70s isn’t such a big win after all. It was big at the time because no one had ever done it but that was that. It didn’t stop the KKK from existing and spreading. 

When the movie ended, the whole theatre was silent. The music from the credits was what kind of woke us up. And then there was clapping. The movie came out 20 days ago. And in no movie I have seen this late after it came out had I seen so many people clap. 

I could have done a short review saying “this is what we mean when we say white people are trash” but this movie truly deserves more.

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