The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ★★½

I think I need to say a bit of backstory before I get into reviewing this movie.
I love JRR Tolkein's books. I really like the LoTR trilogy, but I've been against making Hobbit into a trilogy since day one. I'm sick of Hollywood's greed.
Now onto my scattered thoughts about the movie:
jfc the battle lasted for an hour... I'm just so frustrated by how much this story was stretched, when there's so much history in this universe to put in movies. Thousands of years worth of history.

Thranduil telling Legolas to find the Dúnadain, a ranger that goes by the name of Strider??? NO NO NO
Aragorn was ten years old when the battle of the five armies took place, and by that time he only went by the name of Estel. C'mon... I know Peter wanted to link both trilogies but he could've used something else, which he did with Sauron and all.

Nice touch with the handkerchief there at the end. And despite all of it I did feel a bit emotional with Bilbo's goodbye and going back to the shire, but I blame the music and the beautiful landscape of the shire.

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