Suspiria ★★★★★

This is the day I watched both Suspirias! I shall avoid comparing the two this time; they’re so wildly different. Obviously, I dig this one a lot more, and I’m thankful because I could follow the original a lot better.

This time around (third time!) was my most enjoyable actually. A lot of the things I was questionable about on prior viewings have really smoothed out.

The editing, while bringing more attention to itself than I tend to prefer, I am more wowed by this time. Walter Fasano has done stellar work, three films in a row with Luca, not repeating himself once.

Tilda as Dr. Josef Klemperer made more sense to me, (I still prefer her Mme Blanc). And I no longer have my doubts over Dakota Johnson’s performance!

Arguably my favourite aspect of the film is the love story of mother figure/daughter between Mme Blanc and Susie. I find it so intensely touching to see Blanc unable to resist playing favourites.

There’s more of a breadth of emotions than I’m used to experiencing in horror films, yet still delivers on horror. I’ve failed to mention in earlier reviews the undeniable success of Olga’s scene, for one.

...I’m drawing a blank for an in between, but is this SUSPIRIA also the best dance film since SHOWGIRLS? Lol, it probably is for me.

Mia Goth still MVP. Yorke’s score incredible. Love this film all around,

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