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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

ok just rewatched for a 2nd time and here is my real review::::;

 massive spoilers: 

 i am firstly obsessed with the cast its amazing and lowkey i pretty much like everyone except for the obvious random vince. sorry girl.. 

hicks: im actually so upset (in a good way) at her death! it was sad and i really thought she was a third killer this entire time so that made me sadddd when she died

richie: he was cute! he was good i wasnt sus of him and he did his job because i really did think tara was the killer for a good 5. minutes i wont lie.

wes: did NOT expect this guy to die to early! this death was a shock factor in 2 ways: one- so early i really thought he would be a main character.. two... right after his mom.. sheesh..

liv: i have been sus of her since the cast dropped. i think she was almost perfect.. she was sus but not TOO sus and her death was chefs kiss it wanted me wanting more but the way it was done i was like boom perfect

chad: i actually always hate men esp in horror movies... but i loved him he was perfect, attractive, and funny! im sooooo happy to see him survive and i hope hes in future sequels

mindy: LOVE mindy so much. such a perfect randy.. so so so so good i wish she had more of fighting moments but every scene she was in she took it and i am obsessed and hope to see her again <3

tara: this girl is insane... shes the next final girl.. the new survivor. she ate her sister uppppp and is a fighter.. i love love love her 

sam: im indifferent i cant lie! she was very off in the first half.. but third act she delivers whats necessary and im okay with it! i think shes very sus the next movies though being related to billy and being stab happy itll be hard to stop.. 

AMBER: I LOVE THIS WOMAN. i have loved her since i saw the trailer. i always knew she was the killer but i didnt want to believe it but i also didnt care. shes perfect and beautiful and carried!!! she did her justice and i love love love her so fucking much 

dewey: he had his moment and im glad hes finally cut sorry

gale: she did great! im interested to see what happens after this movie if there is to be anything with her but always amazing

sidney: people complained she wasnt in it enough but i loved the amount. i think her daughters are SCREWED in a couple years sorry but its true... love neve and her work and i missed her!!

overall 5/5 idc im biased but ive been waiting on this movie and it delivered i will be so happy for a long time!! i really hope we get sequels and a new franchise :( #AMBERNATION

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