Mirror ★★★★★

“ Live in a house, and it’ll never fall. “

I’ve never felt closer to Andrei Tarkovsky, in his surrealist dreamscape I feel him more real than ever. After I watched the film I went for a drive to see a friend, I took in each bit of nature I saw with my eyes and embraced it’s beauty. I shared a cigarette with my friend and felt as if this was how everything was meant to be. Everything is a reflection of everything.

I have to stop watching Tarkovsky when I’m somewhat tired, I was engaged and falling in love but struggling to keep my awareness, I need to rewatch this in a better atmosphere and I’m sure my love for it will only deepen. It’s rare that the end of a movie has me sat upright, eyes wide, unknowing what to do with my hands.

Paired with the muse of J.S. Bach this film is beautiful, so many beautiful shots, so much texture and life in one film. Mirror is a living film, it breaths, it talks, it dreams. As time goes on my love for it has only grown, and I’m sure it will continue.

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