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This review may contain spoilers.

I first watched this movie at 11. I didnt understand shit. What did the first 30 minutes mean? What the fuck did the ending mean? To be frank, i was disappointed with the ending. I was 11, and i had seen many movies at that point, but i didnt understand this. 
This movie can be on the top 10 list of one of the most boring movies. But it can also be on the top 10 greatest movies of all time. It has the most terrifying AI in cinema history. I really liked the main character, Dave. But i loved all the characters.
The scene where Dave and Frank are talking about HAL in the pod is really scary. When it cuts to HAL everything is quiet. But then it shows him reading his lips. You dont know what is gonna happen next. 
HALs voice is one of the most iconic voices in cinema history. It feels so emotionless. In the end, when Dave is removing his modules one by one. Is a bit sad. You can hear HAL saying "Please stop Dave" and "I am afraid". He really did have emotions.
Kubrick making a sci fi film set in space in 1968 is incredible. No one had made it like this. They didnt have cgi or the technology we have today. The space ship looked beautiful and the sets were perfect. It became a hit. Its got my money for the best space movie of all time.
Its rewatchable in my opinion. I have watched this movie 5 times and i cant get tired.  It might be boring for alot of people, but for me it was entertaining.

The score is better than Star Wars and Psycho's theme. It should be the theme for humanity and space. Its a powerful score. The movie is pure art. Every frame is a picture. Its pure art. Kubrick never won a oscar, or he won one, for special effects on this movie. But that shows how bad the oscars is at picking true winners.
I dont know if this is my favourite by him. I have to rewatch A Clockwork Orange to find out which is my favourite. Both are masterpieces.
I dont think i have anything more to say.
Ahead of its time. I recommend  this arthouse movie to everyone who loves films

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