Gone with the Wind ★★★★★

"Franly my dear, I dont give a damn"
A masterpiece. The first big color movie, and the highest grossing movie if you adjust it for inflation. It deserves that title. I just watched it for the second time in a long time span. The first time I watched it was when I was 11 years old. I'm 23 now, so revisiting it and getting alot of flashbacks was emotional. Its almost 4 hours and I was entertained all the way.
The war scene was mind-blowing for me. Considering it was made in 1939. They used colors perfectly. The acting was great. Clark Gable was my favourite performance in this movie. The cinematography was great. The direction was magnificent. I was really attracted to the plot of the movie. The racism was hard to watch, considering what has recently happened to black culture. The dialouge is really memorable. Clark Gable in the ending was Badass. One of the greatest movies ever made.
I dont recommend this to people who don't like watching super long movies.

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