Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

I recently rewatched this film, and the first time i saw it i didnt like it too much. I admired the direction, production, cinematography and some other things. And some things i didnt like. The first time i saw it i didnt really understand the whole thing. This time i understood it alot more. And if you cut the sharon tate parts out, the movie would still not change. Leonardo Dicaprio was amazing as Rick Dalton. The scene after he forgot his line, and he was in the room was incredible. Brad Pitt was good, but when he won the oscar i didnt understand why. I cheered for Joe Pesci, who i thought was better than Brad. But when i watched this for the second time i understood why he won, the charm and screen dominance. Its not easy to be a chill badass in a movie. Every time he came on screen, he stole it. He just dominated the screen. He didnt need alot to say, his whole body language was just perfect. The other actors were also great.
Goddammit i love it even more now. This really bumped up to the 4th spot on my favourite Tarantino movies.

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