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This review may contain spoilers.

(Im gonna change how i review movies. I used the 5/5 star system, but recently i was really attracted to the 100/100 rating system. Basically i was convinced by reading a review by Silentdawn, and really wanted to use it. And from now on, i will not be including a line from the movie in my review. It'll be weird if i had the 100/100 system, and then a line from the movie. And the opposite too. I might change, but who cares. I just used alot of time by writing a change that nobody cares about...)

Ah, yes. I love movies about hollywood and the lifestyle you get by it. Sunset Boulevard is a dark movie about hollywood. Or more so, about the dark side of fame. The main female of the movie is Norma Desmond. A washed up silent film actor that was just another yesterday. Of course, she still thinks shes somebody. "The greatest star of them all". But she doesn't get work, and tries to write a script. And thats where Joe comes in. Joe Gilles, a screenwriter trying to make a living. He had talent, but wasted it after being desperate for money. He writes scripts with no soul. The first 10 to 15 minutes shows how desperate he is. He needs money, so he just writes poor scripts and tries to sell them.

And after a chase, he lands into the property of a movie star. He puts his car in the garage to a stranger. And goes up to the house. He then gets a shout from a lady. She tells him to come up the room. And Max, the lady's loyal butler, takes him in. Joe is confused, and walks up to the room. There stands the lady, telling him to come in. Joe goes in, and says she's misled him for someone else. Joe then recognizes the lady, its John Fucking Cena. Im joking, its Norma who? Who are you? Desmond. Desmond who? Norma Desmond. Norma Desmond who? Just a little joke of mine..

Anyway, Norma gives Joe a script she wrote, and Joe obviously thinks its bad. Basically a knockoff of Transformers. But he tries to hide his disguist for the script, and tells her he's expensive. Norma doesn't care and they collaborate on the script. And after some while, Norma falls in love with Joe. But Joe obviously doesn't feel the same way. The only time he really showed affection for Norma in the movie was after Norma cut her wrists with a razorblade. But other than that, i cant really find a scene.

The movie is definitely perfect. All the elements in filmmaking is showed in this perfectly. Acting, direction, cinematography, writing, production design, pacing, structure, ect. Everything. The characters are well written. I really dont know if i like or hate Norma. But by the end, i wanna strangle her.. Billy Wilder directs this perfectly. He had a great decade in the 50s. The pacing is excellent. I love the narration. That voice is what i wish i could have. Classic hollywood had so much class. Im not gonna make this too long, but i basically just explained 30 minutes or more of the movie....

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