Tenet ★★★


Eh...i- i dont know. First off: I wasn't hyped about it at all. I think Nolan is a overrated director that can make some great movies. This isn't one of them. I wasn't hyped about it at all. The trailers looked so basic, and were a mess. It wasnt enough to get me excited. And going in, watching it, without knowing anything, made me like it even less. It was not what i was expecting. The score was pretty damn loud. The characters felt basic and emotionless. It felt like he just needed a character to drive the plot, without really making him unique. Cobb is Nolan's best character, and is well written. Denzel's character isn't. 

The dialogue was ok. It was enjoyable, but that doesn't take away its many flaws. I dont wanna write a review about this more, so im just gonna say, if you wanna watch it, watch it. You might like it more, but dont go to a normal theater for this movie. Go to Imax or 4DX for a better experience. It felt like another movie that you just forget about. Much more hyped about Dune and Mank than i ever was with this typical Nolan movie

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