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  • Runaway



    Kanye proves himself to be a fairly decent director here, and while the metaphors aren’t always clear, and there are some moments of pretension (of course, even as big of a fan as I am has to admit this is somewhat par for the course for Ye), he displays some truly beautiful shots here, and the Runaway sequence is absolutely moving. As with most everything he does, Kanye shows off great ambition with this film, and a natural talent for inspiring certain moods with his work.

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    I also watched this and forgot to record it. Great in much the same way as Rushmore, but doesn't feel like a double dip. I'm starting to really like Wes Anderson.

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    “Someday a Real Rain Will Come.”
    Martin Scorsese and Michael Chapman bring New York threateningly to life in this classic, transforming it from a mere setting into a real character, and the personal enemy of Travis Bickle. He roams the city in his cab, peering through the rear view mirror at the faceless people of the city he hates. We know that he hates them, because De Niro’s acting through his eyes and the cinematography makes it clear that he…

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    You’re The Most Extraordinary Man I’ve Ever Met.”
    I just had the great opportunity to see this movie on the big screen (digital, not 70mm or anything like that, but still pretty cool). Freddie Young definitely earns his name as one of the great cinematographers, making the desert truly seem hopelessly vast and beautifully barren. Credit also to David Lean, of course, the director of this hugely ambitious piece, and O’Toole is brilliant as the flamboyant and somewhat masochistic Lawrence.…