We're All Going to the World's Fair

We're All Going to the World's Fair ★★★

it was decent, I kept thinking that if I had seen this when I was 13 or around that age I would have liked it a lot more. I will have to watch this a few more times before I get a solid interpretation, I think it’s definitely about loneliness on the internet, and it also clearly is contains a metaphor for transitioning within this ARG that the main character participates in. In theory I really should have been in love with it but it doesn’t quite take those themes anywhere interesting imo. I loved the shots of the place where the main character lives, all the cinematography makes the world look so depressing and it captures a feeling that is unmistakably familiar from experiences in my own life. This movie also captures a kind of internet ambience that is really cool to see represented accurately in art. I really hated one scene tho, with the guys arm and he pulls the thing out, u know the one.

I think that a challenge a lot of filmmakers are taking upon themselves now is how to make art that emulates or is able to say something about the way we use the internet. while searching for ways to do this, it makes sense that the most interesting stories would come from the experiences of those people who have become too absorbed within the internet. The cautionary tales of internet addicts would seem, at least in my opinion, to be more compelling than the portrayal in film of casual internet usage by the general population. I would certainly qualify as one of those addicts myself, and so I am also very interested in any art that takes on the challenge of trying to represent what was essentially a large part of my childhood. This film does some things right, little things are done very well and the general atmosphere of online depression is handled almost perfectly. In most ways though, it still falls short of what it is trying to achieve, the overall story is not one that resonates with me in the way I was hoping it might. I think I could definitively call it a step in the right direction, basically like if someone made a creepypasta into a pretty ok movie.

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