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    "Put forth by the gods, the Greek laws of β€œxenia” demanded that hospitality, kindness, and generosity were extended to a stranger no matter social class or background to create a special bond stronger than friendship."

    korine's original plea for us to shed our judgement of the world's outcasts. heartbreaking that this ever gets brushed off as simply exploitative.

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    hey guys,

    i just wanted to let you all know i'm not doing the best right now. i've been feeling completely burnt out from school-related stress and on top of that, i've been going through a really awful wave of depression. i've been having a hard time even watching new movies for the past few days (which is usually the only thing i can fall back on)! anyway i'm saying all this because i probably won't be posting reviews as…

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