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  • Logan



    The kid had to speak...
    She just had to let us know she was awful reciting dialogues...

  • Bonfire



    It was okay, I guess.
    Not much happens, but it's nice to look at, so...

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  • Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge

    Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge


    Will the horse carriage ever get to its destination unscathed?
    We might never know. The sequel was never green-lit.

  • The Baader Meinhof Complex

    The Baader Meinhof Complex


    2nd Letterboxd Festival - Film 7
    Part of the No Rewatch November project.

    If I was supposed to sympathize with any of the characters in this film, then I am definitely not the target audience for 'The Baader Meinhof Complex' since the only guy I cared for was Bruno Ganz's Horst Herold. He seemed to be the only individual in the whole film that used his brain.

    If I was supposed to be interested in the complex reasons behind the…