Great Expectations ★★★★½

Slight Spoilers Ahead
Holy Great Adaptations! The book bored me to tears, and this film moved me to tears several times. I can't wait to see it again. I've always hated the part of Young Pip with Miss Havisham, and I think it's clouded my impression of the rest of the story. But as soon as Ralph Fiennes came on the scene (the second time), I was so moved by Magwitch's pride and love for Pip. I have to praise Fiennes for bringing his character to life and bringing me to tears. I finally understand the love people have for this story; I'm so glad I'm finally in on it too.

I love this adaptation that it makes me want to revisit the novel. But I'm afraid I'll still find the same issues with Dickens' soporific prose. This film is very true to the story. But to the story's benefit, a couple scenes are condensed into one.

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