Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé ★★★★★

I never actually watched this documentary because I had the bootleg stan made copy in my library from THE NIGHT IT AIRED. I really paid attention to the new footage that was posted on Twitter by stans I follow. So I must say, now that I have finally seen this documentary it lives up to its name.

Beyonce has done it all. Number one hits? She has those. Classic songs? Secured that from album one. Platinum records? That's nothing to the Queen. Sold out seats? Light work. Grammys? TOO MANY. Beyonce has played the game and reaped the benefits, but it's clear that now she wants to be seen as something bigger. Something way bigger. That is truly inspirational to me because it's proof that no matter what you achieve you can always set a new goal and strive.

With Beychella, Beyonce wanted to set a cultural milestone. Reminiscent of Diana Ross singing in the rain in Central Park in 1983 Beyonce shines through the entire crowd. People across cultures flew to Coachella to see what Beyonce was going to do, and as a black person who immediately recognized the nod the HBCU's, it was obvious that everybody wasn't going to understand the significance. It didn't matter. Black, white, brown, Asian, whoever watched this documentary, you felt Beyonce in your bones. The editing was superb and I found myself rewinding it several times just to see the colors change from yellow to pink in Crazy In Love. My favorite part of all of this was Beyonce's maturity. You can see it in her face, shes a legend. A First Lady. She moves across the stage with so much ease, its hard to believe she ever had to rehearse any of this, and you can especially hear the seasoning in her vocals. Being a Beyonce fan from album one, her voice has gotten significantly deeper, and the way it used to soothe my soul, it now rattles it. Her husky matured range shakes me to the core and shines brightest during "I Care" where I actually shed a tear at the power of her voice. Beyonce isnt a singer. She is a behemoth.