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  • Kimi



    Soderbergh is like the only big-name American filmmaker who’s been able to maintain a modern sensibility into the past ~5 years, if that wasn’t already obvious from his iPhone stuff. It’s no secret that the other titans have gravitated more heavily than ever toward period pieces out of, presumably, fear of screens and other modern digital aesthetics (ironically, this much better film follows a Soderbergh period piece). In recent years, for obvious reasons, it’s also been the general MO to…

  • Scream



    I think I understand how the Matrix fans who hate Resurrections feel, which is ironic because both movies target The Last Jedi naysayers who cream when young CGI Luke Skywalker rolls up in The Mandalorian. A certain young CGI character from the first Scream rolls up here, and I can’t tell if the fact that it’s borderline-unwatchable is a comment on that phenomenon or what, but I’m afraid my allotment of generous readings has run dry. Resurrections had me excited…

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